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30 years of organic world, 30 years of SANA

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The world of the organic is given appointment to Bologna for the event bio of the year, SANA 2018: more than 52 thousand square meters devoted to the biological feeding, the Care of the natural and organic body and the Green lifestyle, besides a rich program convegnistico and of meetings programmed between firms and international buyer. "We celebrate in 2018 the thirtieth edition of Healthy; in these years the demonstration has gained ground as interpreter and showcase, to Italian and international level, of a market in constant growth and evolution. Healthy - Anthony Bruzzone declares, General Manager BolognaFiere - it is spokesman of a compartment, that of the biological one and of the natural one, more and more of relief for the development of our Country: in the years we have seen him/it change from sector of driver niche of growth and innovation. The organic and the disposition are present by now in all the aspects of the daily paper and they drive the choices of purchase of an increasing number of consumers, more and more careful to the themes of the environmental sustainability and the health: with the contribution of FederBio, Healthy - Bruzzone concludes - he/she offers a complete showcase that understands the whole ample offer of this market of it, reserving space to the products of excellence and the last tendencies."

Healthy. 30° international Saloon of the biological one and the disposition gives Friday appointment 7 to Monday 10 September in Fair to Bologna, for a long weekend to be devoted to the commercial relationships to the networking and the formation. To Healthy 2018 won't miss the moments of diversion, with the rich calendar of collateral initiatives, scheduled to the inside and the outside of the fair District.

Renewed layout for Healthy 2018: they are 4 the tents (21, 22, 31 and 32) reserved to the organic feeding, sector that proposes alimentary products, machineries for the workmanship and the packaging, equipments for the agriculture, services, corporate body of certification and all the protagonists of the filiera agroalimentare bio. The tents 25 and 26 are destined to the Care of the natural body and bio, with the presentation of cosmetic of natural and biological origin, integrating alimentary, officinali and treatments cried for the body green. It places to the tent 19, instead, the area Green lifestyle devoted to products and sustainable solutions for every aspect of the quotidianità.

The Cut Of the Ribbon and The Inaugural Conference 
Will be the Sottosecretary to the Alimentary Agricultural Politics, Forest and of the Tourism, Alessandra Pesce, to inaugurate Friday 7 September to the 10.00 the 30a edition of SANA, to the presence of the local authorities and the vertexes of BolognaFiere. To the 10.30 in the Room Nighttime, the beginning of the inaugural Conference is anticipated "30 Years Of BIO: 30 years Of Healthy. 30 years of successes for the agriculture of the future", organized by BolognaFiere and FederBio. Strategies and perspectives for the market will be to the center of the debate, that he/she will take away the from the profilazione of a compartment that in few decades you/he/she is turned into a point of excellence of the Italian agricultural production, making some respect of the environment, of the guardianship of the biodiversity and the quality of the product his/her own values of reference.

The observatory SANA 2018
To the 14.30 of Friday 7 the Room Nighttime it will entertain the presentation of the observatory it SANA 2018 - All the numbers of the Italian bio: the drivers of the consumer and the novelties of the specialized channel, promoted and financed by BolognaFiere with the patronage of FederBio and AssoBio and realized daNomisma. I deduce central of the edition 2018 are the analysis of the habits of purchase of organic products and the answers that the specialized retailers have adopted for meeting the new demands of the buyers. During the meeting the most recent data will be introduced picked up by the SINAB - System of National information on the Biological agriculture on behalf of the Office of the Alimentary Agricultural Politics, Forest and of the Tourism, and from ISMEA. Institute of Services for the Food Agricultural Market.

THE INITIATIVES: Healthy ACADEMY, Healthy Novelty, Healthy SHOP, Healthy CITY E The VEGANFEST
5 the scheduled conferences in Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September in the circle of Healthy Academy: in the Room Bolero of the Center Services, teachers, university researchers and professionals will be compared on biotecnologie for the production of ingredients for the natural cosmetic, botanicals and feeding for the troubles of the apparatus gastrointestinale, ownership of probiotici and prebiotici, vegetarian diet for the sport and the health of the person and correlation between nutrition and longevity. It will be the Center Services to serve as stage to Healthy Novelty, the exposure of the most recent innovations brought in Fair by the firms, in this edition more than 950: among these, the visitors will have called to vote the proper preferred, one for every market category. The products that will get more preferences will be awarded the Healthy Novelty Award, to which the special prize will be added #BloggerForSana, assigned by the 6 official bloggers of demonstration. The ceremony of awarding is scheduled Sunday 9 September. Confirmed the appointments with Healthy Shop (pad. 32), the space whether to purchase an ample selection of articles proposed by the exhibiting firms, some in edition limited or difficult to find in the traditional channels, and with the VeganFest (pad. 19), the most important appointment in Italy on the world vegano, organized in collaboration with VEGANOK. It also returns SANA City, the calendar of events scheduled green in the city. Echo-Bio Confesercenti proposes with Echo-bio in City over 100 appointments for 10 days to the insignia of the biological one and the natural one; FederBio organizes in Bologna it covers her/it final of the Party of the Bio; Ascom Confcommercio Bologna participates in the trentennale of Healthy with the openings prolonged of around 40 between restaurants and shops.

Organized by BolognaFiere, Healthy it uses some collaboration of FederBio and the support of ITA - Italian Trade Agency and it enjoys some patronage delMinistero of the Alimentary Agricultural Politics, Forest and of the Tourism and of the Office of the environment and the Guardianship of the Territory and the Sea.

Meaningful the international representation to Healthy. They unite the upcoming international buyers to the thousand of accredited operators from 30 Paesi:Albanias, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Korea, Denmark, United Arabic Emirates, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Jordan, Great Britain, Indonesia, Kossovo, Latvia, Montenegro, Holland, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hungary and USA. The ample presence of foreign delegations is born from consolidates her/it collaboration with ITA - Italian Trade Agency within the International Buyer Program, the project of promotion, to invitation, facing to favor the meeting among the exhibiting firms of Healthy and selected buyer coming from the whole world, through the articulation of a calendar of meetings custom b2b inside an area with devoted services.