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Adopt the Gargano's bees to protect the oil

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Adoption of 50 bees to contribute to our future. This the concrete objective that Monini is established with the country "The bees make the oil" promoted with LifeGate.

The bees are to risk of extinction anywhere: climatic changes, thick use of chemical pesticides of synthesis and parasites have made to disappear a bee on four in the United States and a bee on ten in Europe. Without bees however the nature would not reproduce him, it would disappear the 90% of alimentary products of the Earth and obviously also the oil of olive.

From here the idea of Monini to undertake for opposing this dangerous drift, starting really from the bees that it knows better: those with the beehive next to the organic olive groves in the heart of the Gargano, in Puglia, where the Bios of Monini produces him, the Extra-virgin organic 100% Italian, that really for its exceptional quality, gotten in the respect of the environment, has won prizes and recognitions in Europe. The choice is fallen on the beekeeping Carpinese, conducted by Matteo Maccarone and involved in this country really because bordering with the biological ulivetis of Monini. In short really the bees make the olive oil.

A synergy among bees and organic olive groves that it goes over the simple pollination: the bees are important because their presence is an indicator of a deprived territory of chemical agents of synthesis and away from every form of pollution. In the organic fields there are 7 times more bees and bumblebees, 5 times more butterflies, 7 times more blackbirds, titmouses and wrens. The flowers grow in quantity 3/4 great (AIAB dates) times. In short it is as to have a certification in more than the Extra-virgin of Monini is born in the full respect of the nature.

Whoever is sensitive to this problem, from March 1 to June 30, can activate him/herself for the country with the simple purchase of a bottle of Monini Extra Virgin Bios, without adding nothing to the usual price, for every purchase it will concretely contribute to maintain 50 bees of the Gargano for one year. All it takes is going on the site and to record him, so making a certificate of adoption will also be gotten by to share with pride on the socials.

People can participate also to the contest to win an annual supply of this good organic oil which is Made in Apulia, and naturally organic beekeeping honey, yes exactly that of the his/her bees, with so much of name personalized on the pot.

An appointment made possible graces to the fundamental scientific contribution of LifeGate, firm stung of reference on the sustainability in Italy, from years hocked in the safeguard of the bees through the project Bee Future my. LifeGate will realize for Monini an activity to the state-of-the-art one in Italy, applying on the apiary of Carpino the first system not invasive of organic monitoring to verify the state of health of the bees and, through it, also that of the surrounding environment. A way to underline really the interdependence between the one and the other and the hold correlation with our food safety.

Not only, thanks to this project if some consumer wanted to check the state of health of the "his/her" bees, can make it online in real time: data and updatings on the apiary of Carpino will be available on