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Glossy skin: how to rebalance the sebum

The dream is to have it bright, but in reality the skin on your face is shiny. Do not despair! With the right beauty routine - cleansing, specific face cream and make-up - discover how to rebalance the sebum with our beauty tips

Before revealing the daily gestures to counteract the unwanted brilliant effect, let's see what the causes are. Hormonal factors and genetic predisposition, as well as the stress and the abuse of some drugs, help to make the skin of the face shiny to the eye and oily to the touch. This is the result of an excessive production of sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands. Quiet, the sebum is not our enemy, because together with the epidermal lipids it forms the hydrolipidic film that keeps the skin hydrated and elastic. When, however, its production is greater than necessary, the oily skin (when it affects almost the whole face) or mixed (when the fat parts are concentrated only in some places) comes out, often accompanied by obstruction of the pores and points blacks.

The area most affected by the glossy effect? The famous T zone: forehead, nose and chin. To remedy this, we need to rebalance the production of sebum through three good habits to put into practice every day. Take note.
01. Detergent
Keeping the skin clean is the first rule of any self-respecting beauty routine. In the case of shiny skin, then, helps prevent the onset of blackheads and prepares the skin to accommodate subsequent treatments. Choose a cleanser with moisturizing and purifying ingredients and, at the same time, delicate. Because if too aggressive it tends to eliminate only the superficial layer of sebum and the skin, to compensate, it creates even more.
02. Apply the right cream
Never give up a balancing and moisturizing face cream with a specific formulation that does not grease and absorbs quickly. It will be the magic touch to help your skin regulate the production of sebum, reduce the hypersecretions of the sebaceous glands and prepare it for makeup.
03. Make-up go-ahead
Opacify with foundation and powder, as long as you opt for products with an ideal, oil-free texture that do not clog pores. The final move to checkmate the shiny skin. If your skin is greasy or mixed choose compact foundation and the classic powder you prefer the most absorbent rice powder. For emergencies, use the absorbing sebum wipes to dab on the critical areas to restore the mat effect to the skin.

And finally, once a week apply a clay mask on the face. A small gesture to help the skin eliminate blackheads, absorb and rebalance excess sebum.