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How to use the almond massage oil

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The oil of sweet almonds is an useful product to always have available, thanks to the a lot of uses and different employments both in cosmetic circle, that to feed. To remember that coming from Puglia, of which it is symbol identitario.

Emollient and nourishing massage oil 
Thanks to the ownerships emollients, nourishing, lenitive and elasticizzanti, the oil of almonds is an oil from proper massage for all the types of skin, from that delicate of children and of the newborns, to that shoal and mature. The tall content of unsaturated fat acids and polinsaturi as acid oleico, linoleico, palmitico and stearico, make this particularly suitable natural oil to hydrate in depth also returning elasticity to the driest skins and easily irritable.

The oil of sweet almonds in cosmetic can be used as detergent and struccante and it is proper to eliminate every trace of makeup from the face in a delicate way, also furnishing hydration to the meantime. Being an oil elastic is recommended for a long time as moisturizer and emollient during the pregnancy, since he/she succeeds in preventing the cutaneous yielding that brings smagliature to the formation of anti-aestethic, improving elasticity and tone of the skin in the period in which consistent variations of weight are had. As treatment to be effective antismagliature owes however to be applied with a massage, regularly twice a day.

The oil of sweet almonds is also a good lenitive natural remedy for the one whom is afflicted from dermatitis, eczemas, irritations and redness and it is quickly absorbed both on the dry skin and bathed. Over that on the skin of the face and the body, you/he/she can also be applied on enfeebled hair, preparing an I package pre-shampoo, to make them soft, shiny and disciplined, before proceeding with the normal washing. Used pure or mixed to other oils, on the fingernails as natural treatment can also be applied for softening the cuticles and it makes the healthy and strong fingernail.

Oil of sweet almonds for inside and external use
The quality of an oil of sweet almonds depends in fact from as the oil you/he/she is extracted. Being drawn by the seed of the almond tree, the almond, is fundamental that is gotten for spremitura or pressure to cold and not with the use of chemical solvents, more economic method, but that it doesn't allow to get a pure and natural oil altering partly the ownerships of it. In the shop online of Erboristeria Clorofilla, various types of pure oil of almonds can for example, be found, coming from biological agriculture, proper also for inside use. The oil of sweet almonds represents in fact also a good natural remedy to take care of some gastric and intestinal problem list and you/he/she can also be administered to children, really to protect the bowel from inflammations. You/he/she is recommended besides as I make up for erboristico for cough, bronchitis and troubles of the respiratory streets, since it favors the elimination of the mucus in excess. 

Erboristeria Clorofilla treats various types of oil of almonds of quality, both pure and perfumed, without dyes, without preservative, perfumes of synthesis or mineral oils. The classical oil of sweet almonds perfumed of The Amande Marseille, gently perfumed and squeezed to cold, ideal to maintain the smooth skin, velvety and, opposing so all the inestestismis. Available also in the variations oil of almonds enriched by the oil of borragine, proper for all the types of skin and hair for a treatment of total comfort, it is a massage oil that it doesn't anoint and it is very quickly absorbed, or oil of almonds enriched to the oil of pink mosqueta, from the delicate and natural perfume. Among the proposals you can find then the line of the Dr. Taffi, with various types of oil of sweet almonds squeezed to cold to maintain intact all the ownerships of the product, perfumed to the flowers of lotus, oil of almonds perfumed to the vanilla, or perfumed to the patchouli, for the one who loves more exotic and definite profumazioni or perfumed oil to the white musk, for the one who chooses the sweet essences, to the karkadè for the one that looks for an effect energizzante or to the white tea for the one who loves the fresh fragrances. Especially in the case is wanted to purchase oil of almonds for inside use, it needs to watch out during the purchase: only I oil of almonds squeezed to cold!