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Mint and menthol: ingredients of freshness

Among the herbs you know, what could be more refreshing than mint? With its fragrance and unfathomable aroma, its leaves are rich in menthol. Active rinciple with calming properties, disinfectants and super fresh!

From uses in the kitchen and in cosmetics, passing for the pharmaceutical, mint is a natural ingredient composed of water, fiber, minerals, vitamins A, B, C, D and, precisely, menthol. And stratt or mint essential oil, the latter has multiple therapeutic properties and disinfectant, decongestant, toning, purifying and refreshing effects.
The reason why is soon revealed: when applied to the skin or inhaled , it interacts with receptors sensitive to temperature; the activation of these receptors determines the sensation of freshness. And the positive effects they are not lacking. Let's discover them!

Fresh & Beauty: mint, menthol and cosmetics
The perfect combo to give relief to tired, achy feet and tired legs and swollen. A foot and a menthol leg cream is a true concentrate of well-being, especially when enriched with the properties of camphor and extra virgin olive oil. Gently massaged once or several times a day , it moisturizes, protects, promotes circulation, performs a relaxing action and gives a feeling of lightness never experienced. Thanks to its refreshing effect, the essential mint oil is used in some detergents and hair products. Purifying shampoo that reactivates the circulation and no rule no sebum production. Useful as an astringent tonic in case of redness and against dermatosis or as a face mask to make the skin bright and elastic, menthol is also used in the world of perfumes as an element of the fragrance, in massage creams and deodorants.

Mint wellness
Cold, cough, nasal congestion, seasonal ailments. How to get back to feeling better? With menthol based products. Used as an antiseptic and local anesthetic, it gives relief to the respiratory tract giving a pleasant sensation of freshness. In addition, it is useful in treating diseases of the digestive system, helping to reduce spasms and pains in the stomach and improving digestion. Inevitable in many oral hygiene products, it is also an excellent natural remedy to relieve itching.

Freshness on the table
Candy, chewing gum, drinks, sweets, sauces. Fresh or dry, with its unmistakable aroma and its refreshing taste, mint flavor each dish . And it will look like you are all year .