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Natural & Organic Cosmetics Featured in Asian Edition

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The opportunities in Asia for natural & organic cosmetics and related ingredients will be featured in the Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. Hosted in Hong Kong on 12-13th November, the executive summit comprises three seminar sessions and two training workshops.

Research by Ecovia Intelligence (organiser) shows that Asia’s share of the USD 10.2 billion global market for natural & organic cosmetics is rising. Many new brands are coming into the market, whilst large Asian cosmetic companies are developing natural / organic lines. Standards are becoming prominent as more brands look to take the certification route.

Amarjit Sahota (Founder and President of Ecovia Intelligence) will host a workshop on the global market for natural & organic cosmetics. Market trends & developments will be given for the leading geographic regions. He will discuss implications of recent merger & acquisition activity, such as L’Oreal’s purchase of Logocos and an investment firm buying Trilogy International. Insights will be given into consumer behavior towards natural & organic cosmetics, including purchase triggers and motives. Growth forecasts will be given for the global market, including openings for existing operators and new entrants. Another workshop will discuss the technical issues associated with developing natural and organic cosmetics.

Day two of the summit begins with a discussion of some of the pressing sustainability issues facing the Asian cosmetics industry. Plastic pollution is a major environmental concern with much of the estimated 22 million tonnes of plastic coming into the oceans from Asia. Eric Kawabata, Asia-Pacific General Manager of TerraCycle, will show how personal care brands can use ocean plastic in product packaging. Annabelle Baker, Director and General Manager of Lush Asia, will share its range of green initiatives. The ethical cosmetics company is saving over 3 million plastic bottles per year by making shampoo bars and avoiding unnecessary packaging. Details will be given of its ‘Go Naked’ campaign, SLush fund, and environmental policy. Another seminar by PUR Projet will show how cosmetic companies can reduce their carbon footprints by insetting. Chris Sayner from Croda will share sustainability reporting best-practices in the industry.

A dedicated session tackles the marketing issues associated with green cosmetics in Asia. Kiendra Liew, Founder and CEO of the KatFood brand, will share her experiences in developing and marketing food-based natural cosmetics. Another seminar gives insights into product selection and retailing of natural & organic cosmetics. Michael Lee from Nielsen will highlight the health and wellness trends that are influencing consumer demand for natural and organic products in Asia. Obelis Cosmetics will give an overview of European regulations for Asian brands looking to access this lucrative market.

Alain Khaiat, President of Seers Consulting, will kick off the Natural Ingredients session. He will give details of new green materials that are being used in functional personal care products. With growing interest in Halal certification, many cosmetic and raw material firms are looking at adopting the Halal standard. Fabrice Guillemard from DSM will share the company’s experiences in developing Halal cosmetic ingredients. Steven Ko, CEO and Founder of Hair O’ Right, will discuss the opportunities and pitfalls when using side stream ingredients. The pioneering Taiwanese brand is developing cosmetic formulations using food byproducts such as coffee grounds, goji berry roots, and distilled grains. Dewi Kauw from the Indonesian brand Skin Dewi will show how the company has developed organic skincare products for healing purposes. Another paper by Temuulen Murun from Shiseido will give an update on the Responsible Mica Initiative.

The summit will draw to a close with a discussion on formulating natural cosmetics. Industry experts will debate the challenges when using natural and organic raw materials in product formulations. By tackling the marketing and technical issues associated with natural and organic cosmetics in this Asia-Pacific edition, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit aims to encourage adoption rates of such products in the region.

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