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The ransom of Cerignola, where you are the most beautiful

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When art, enogastronomia, cosmetic and fashion make net in a territory, unimaginable and marvelous realities are discovered. It is how much happened to Cerignola for the 1° National Festival of the table olive “La più Bella sei tu” (You are the most beautiful).

Everybody together to promote and to ransom one of the thousand Apulias through its excellences, beginning from that makes it famous over the world, the table olive that you/he/she has gotten from the European union the recognition Dop Bella of the Daunia, known as "the Bella of Cerignola." Busty, savory and genuine, as the woman stylized that the symbol of the demonstration is become, that Apulian housekeeper that still today alive here and hands before the tradition together with Mastro Ciccio, protagonist of the promotional video de La più Bella sei tu.

Walking among the benches of the artisans, the olives and the original forms were alternated in ceramics enameled of the association Verderamina to work of the young Tina, Lucia and Barbara, the creations in fabric sorts to hand with taste and elegance of Rosa D’Emilio, baskets and panari in branches of ulivo and stems of reed of Cesti e Intrecci and works in wood of ulivo of Domenico Filannino. And still Maria Voto‘s fabrics, realized with nineteenth-century looms in her laboratory in Vico of the Gargano and so many other objects, actually to the eco-friendly-organic and vegan cosmetics, olive oil based of that oil of olive drawn by these earths.

And so, whereas the social cooperative Pietra di scarto has transformed a ground forfeited to the crime organized in uliveto, the economic, social and cultural ransom of Cerignola has been on its way.

In the three days readings and edited by laboratories the associations have followed A.GE Cerignola onlus, ORSA onlus,WE Make and S.O.S. Cerignola, the bookstore L’Albero dei Fichi and the author Chiara Patarino.

And while the students of the Scientific High school 'A. Einstein' the artisans and exhibitors helped, the Group Young people of the Sant'Antonio from Padua Church took care of works of street art and the students of the Artistic High school ‘Sacro Cuore’, with the supervision and the coordination of Carla Ladogana, they conceived original suits and accessories inspired to the Bella of Cerignola for the artistic gangway La più Bella sei tu.

Doors open to the Tower Alemanna Museum with the guides of the association Verderamina and to the Museal Pole with those of the Pro Loco. Palazzo Fornari has entertained and it entertains up to October 29 (from her 10.00 to the 12.00 and from her 17.00 to the 23.00) the show edited by Giovanni Rinaldi ‘Cinta d’uliva donna m’apparve’ (Surrounded of olives woman appeared me) that tells the history and the cultural value of the olive through the arts and the literature.

The journalist Carlo Cambi has declared that "liberty is the thing most important of the world" and turning to the students during the workshop “In name of the olive, potentiality and development” has added: "it needs to be firm in the convictions because over the democracy there is only the fear and for you the Bella of Cerignola is an extraordinary occasion of ransom."

A beautiful wish to Cerignola and the whole Puglia.