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Aromatherapy and aromatherapic massage

Aromaterapia is a branch of the fitoterapia that employs essential oils, that is the volatile and perfumed substances of the plants as leaves, flowers, petals, bark, wood, seeds, pericarpi or roots. The employments of this essential oil are manifold and can concern the treatment of very different troubles among them. One of these are without doubt the massage aromatherapic, a massage that acts in depth and it helps to relax the body and the mind getting further the negative energies.

According to the specific demands the massage can be personalized, assembling for a longer time on the manipulation of one determined part or choosing to use a particular essence or a specific massage oil to favor the relaxation. The best essential oils for the aromatherapic massage are traditionally pure and natural oils, that also offer a beneficent effect as nourishment for the skin and, thanks to the manipulation, is absorbed in depth.

Draining, stimulating and relaxing effect
The massage can be stimulating, because it favors the restoration of the bodily equilibrium and decontrol some chakras, can be also draining if performed for facilitating the elimination of bodily liquids or sap in excess. The traditional massage is very relaxing and the use of essences helps to not only loosen easily tensions and physical blocks, but also mental and emotional and to reach a state of deep relaxation. The massage with essential oils is a practice door different benefits to the organism and helps to get a body more flexed her, a more relaxed musculature, a best blood and lymphatic circulation, a shinier, but relaxed mind, calm and comfort spread.

To choose the massage oils
In herbal shops and in the specialized shops in the sale of natural and organic products, various types of massage oils are found; it deals with balmy oils for the body, containers beneficent substances as for instance the baths of hay typical of the territory from Friuli Venezia Giulia, ideal for frictions and massages, to relax the body and to loosen the muscular tensions and it gets further the stress. The essential oils more employed in the specific cosmetic products for massages are those of: Melissa, Mint, Fir, Pino mugo, Pino silvestre, Basil, Marjoram, white Thyme, Rosemary, Laurel, Lavender and Juniper, that also develop relaxing action, decontracturant and balmy.

The essential oils for the aromatherapic massage emit aromatic molecules that penetrate in the body through the epidermis stimulating the organism according to the necessities. To create a mixture of essential oils from massage you can add not half spoon of essential oil to 500 mls of perfumed neutral lotion for the body as the butter of karitè, or to oil of almond or sunflower.

Being the essential oils the best of the plant, it is important to pay attention during the purchase, having a preference for the choice of 100% essential oil, which is the result of distillation for current of vapor of the whole plant in flower coming from cultivations checked biodynamic. After the purchase the natural oils must be preserved with care, in a fresh and dry place, away from sources of light and heat.

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