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BIOFACH e VIVANESS 2017: 4.0 programme

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Coming soon BIOFACH and VIVANESS, respectively the Saloon World Leader of the Organic Foods and the International Saloon of the Natural Cosmetic, united to create to a4.0 programme.

So that every saloon leader can offer to its own sector the maximum one in terms of assistant value and orientation, for 2017 four thematic clusters have been thought: "Novelty and tendencies", "to Try and to discover", "to Know and to learn" and "Lectures."

When almost 2.600 exhibitors - of which 250 in the saloon VIVANESS - and the 48.000 attended professional visitors will meet him in the tents of the fair Center of Norimberga on the occasion of this double appointment, the sector will discuss on the central congressional theme related to variety and responsibility for the whole world. This the comment of the person responsible of the saloons BIOFACH and VIVANESS Danila Brunner: "Also in the 2017 BIOFACH and VIVANESS reserved a whole series of appointments imperdibili. What counts more for us is to succeed in showing the assistant values of these saloons to exhibitors and visitors in the clearest way and structured possible. It is for this that we have conceived four clusters departing from the digital representation of Internet. Among thematic worlds, newcomer, last innovations and numerous award, besides the congressional program of high-level and highly specialized in the principal theme of BIOFACH related to variety and responsibility, 2017 offers numerous points of attraction to the public. Our clients can again take advantage of then a grandiose unique offer of biological foods and products of natural cosmetic!"

Novelty and tendencies: stand novelty and newcomer
To the two Neuheitenstands (stand novelty) of the specialistic saloons BIOFACH and 2016 VIVANESS have been introduced over 700 innovative products. In February 2017, on the occasion of the next edition of this double appointment, the firms bio of the whole world will show what produced savory, tasty, creative and ecological over how effective and nourishing I/you/they have been developed in the last year. Another fixed appointment of the visit in the saloon of the foods and beauty international scouts to the search of an inspiration are the two Gemeinschaftsständes für Junge Innovative Unternehmen BIOFACH und VIVANESS (collective stand of the young innovative enterprises BIOFACH and VIVANESS) with a total of 30 exhibitors. Both the areas are promoted by the German Office for the economy and the energy (BMWi) and they are turned to newcomer and start-up of Germany. The international counterpart of the German newcomers to the saloon VIVANESS is represented instead by Breeze, a special show where more than about ten international newcomer of the sector of the natural cosmetic they will introduce his/her own innovations.

To try and to discover: the thematic worlds
To attend the visitors of the thematic worlds BIOFACH there will be an offer olistica of presentations of products, tastings and workshop besides rich possibilities to make networking and constructive exchanges with experienced gi of the sector. The segments oil of olive, wine and vegan have an important role in the commerce and in the collective ristorazione more and more. For this also in 2017 there will again be some spaces espositivi devoted to the Erlebnisweltens (thematic worlds) Olive Oil, Wine and VEGAN. Cook + Talk has given origin for 2017 in the world Gastronomy - supported by Bioland. After the success of the connection of Cook + Talk, the bridge of throwing of the chefs professionals, with the segments wine, oil of olive and 2016 vegan, the theme will be integrated in the concept of the various thematic areas. Inventor, initiator and partner of this show special junta by now to third appointment it is Bioland. In all the thematic areas, the saloon world leader collaborates with tried experienced of the relative sector. Besides Bioland for the planet Gastronomy there will be also as partner MUNDUS Vini / Meininger Verlag for the international Contest of the biological wine "Mundus Wines BIOFACH" and Ecovin for the planet wine, Richard Wolny for the planet oil of olive with the analysis sensoriale of the oil of olive and the German vegetarian association VEBU for the planet VEGANO.

To know and to learn: congress and points of meeting of retailers, ONG and Generation Future
Fairs gather the people and the people they take advantage of the fairs to acquire to know. BIOFACH and VIVANESS offer the possibility to exhibitors and visitors both to meet other representatives of the sector both to learn knowledges of base and information, the all in various way. The Congresses of BIOFACH and VIVANESS represent the greatest base to know about the organic sector to the world. In 2016 the congress of the two saloons has almost recorded 7.000 participants. In 2017 the sector bio will introduce him as I approach social olistico aiming the reflectors at the themes of the variety and the responsibility, besides also in the forums on sustainability, politics and science. The congress VIVANESS will aim the reflectors instead at four thematic areas: markets and analysis, commerce and sale, customer insight and communication and finally design and performance. Base of throwing of the specialized commerce will be instead the meeting with the specialized retailers Fachhandelstreff. How custom, in 2016 they were present to BIOFACH and VIVANESS over 10.000 specialized retailers that have taken advantage of the meeting to have exchanges, to make networking and to ask the consultation of other colleagues. Also 2017 will offer space to themes what the development common of futuristic models of commerce or approaches for the resolution of the actual challenges. The representatives of the ONGs and the initiatives will meet him instead to the saloon BIOFACH to the point of meeting of the ONGs Treffpunkt NGOs, while her "future organic generation " it will have a space devoted Generation to the point of meeting Future Treffpunkt Generation Zukunft, where it will speak of formation, job and perspectives. They will reenter in this point of meeting, besides the purse of the job, also the center of orientation to the career and the prize for the search in the field of the biological foods, that every year rewards the theses of search in the sector. They will always belong to the thematic cluster "to Know and to learn" also driven tour and a whole series of presentations of the exhibitors.

All to glimpse with the Event Planner and the App
In the cluster thematic Lectures all will rotate around the information. Here exhibitors and visitors can see to glimpse in the digital planner of the events to the address or or with the Apps of BIOFACH and VIVANESS which are the interesting appointments within the double saloon. In the cluster thematic Lectures it is possible to gather the lectures in base to his/her own degree of interest. The Event Planner, illustrates besides in clear way the whole collateral program of the double fair appointment, and it allows to organize in optimal way the visit to the two saloons.

The favorite: the awards of BIOFACH and VIVANESS
A the saloons BIOFACH and VIVANESS will be seen numerous radiant winners of joy. Numerous prizes and recognitions already affirmed him in the market, in fact, the producers help to commercialize and to increase the attention of the public on brands and products - and this well over the dates of the saloon. Every year you/they are conferred two prizes among all the introduced novelties: Best New Product Award BIOFACH and Best New Product Award VIVANESS. Inside seven categories the professional visitors vote the product among those candidates that it appears as the most innovative to their eyes. Fixed appointments of the program of the worlds thematic Wine and Oil Of olive are the international Contest of the biological wine "Mundus Wines BIOFACH" and the Olive Oil Award. The Forschungspreis Bio-Lebensmittelwirtschaft (prize for the search in the field of the biological foods) is a contest that rewards the best ideas and solutions on ecological themes and matters of sustainability in the sector bioalimentare. Every year is conferred to the best theses of search (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate) that treat ecological themes and you wait that concern the sustainability in the sector food bio. Winning of the prize of the last edition they have been besides the foundation Schweisfurth Stiftung, the foundation Lebensbaum Stiftung, the association of the manufacturing bio AÖL and BIOFACH.