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Centella, caffeine and turmeric oil: the three musketeers

Together they are an exceptional mix to moisturize and firm the skin, individually their virtues are not far behind. Ladies and gentlemen here is centella, caffeine and turmeric oil. The three musketeers of the perfect body.

Day after day the skin dehydrates and loses its compactness. A body cream that:
- performs a firming action on the dermis thanks to the centella; 
- stimulates drainage and removal of stagnant liquids due to the effect of caffeine;
- prevents skin aging due to the oil of turmeric becomes an indispensable and daily beauty ally.
And these are just some of the many virtues of our "defenders". Let's get to know them better.

We start with a curiosity: in Malaysia and Madagascar the plant is known as "tiger grass", because according to the legend the tigers used to treat the wounds of the fights with other animals by rubbing the damaged part on the centella. Properties, those healing, healing and antibacterial, which make this plant useful for irritated skin and in cases of ulcers, scars and sores. And it does not end here. As a body cream stimulates the production of collagen, promotes circulation, counteracts the loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles and stretch marks. Increasingly used in the treatment of cellulite blemishes, it is ideal for mature skin that appears fresh and smooth.

Did you know that the main active compound of coffee is a friend of our beauty? With its various cosmetic properties, caffeine is particularly appreciated for its ability to stimulate circulation, eliminate excess fluids and reduce body fat. Reason why it is an effective ally for firming, slimming, combating cellulite imperfections, localized adiposity and relaxation of facial skin, bags and dark circles. It does not lack hydrating and antioxidant power. From astringent action, it contributes to the improvement of skin tone and smoothness.

Turmeric oil
Used in the kitchen, it has also conquered the world of cosmetics. It is turmeric, the spice with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Present in the beauty recipes of the face and body, turmeric oil is appreciated by mature (and not only) and dull skin that gain new vitality, tone and color. It is an excellent remedy to combat sagging skin and wrinkles, preventing aging and protecting it from the sun. Used to give golden reflections to the hair, for its sebum-regulating power is also indicated in case of dandruff and greasy hair.