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Cosmetic at the side of women: breast cancer

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Cosmetic make you beautiful, inside and outside. The advertising campaign is active again for the struggle of the breast cancer, where the cosmetic lines up him beside the women of the whole world. The first October 2016 has in fact had beginning the XXIV edition of the Advertising Campaign on BCA, Breast Cancer Awareness, contemplated to the struggle against the tumor to the breast and signed by the beauty "ethics and social" of The Estée Lauder Companies - leader in the products of prestige that in Italy (for the second consecutive year) it will be beside AIRC, Italian Association for the search on the Cancer - with the objective to defeat this pathology, that only in our Country a woman strikes on 8.

Advertising Campaign on BCA is the philanthropic initiative of great importance of the Group Estée Lauder Companies and was launched in 1992 by Evelyn H. Lauder, that also had the idea to create the "Ribbon Rosa", become by now the universal symbol of the health of the breast. Since its birth the BCA Campaign has had as mission the defeat of the tumor to the breast, sustaining the search and the medical formation. In the last 24 years, the country BCA has united women, men and families in every part of the world to improve the awareness, to pick up funds and to inspire meaningful actions in the struggle against the breast cancer.

It activates in more than 70 countries, the BCA Campaign has picked up in all these years over $65 million, entirely invested in the search, in the formation and to offer services of medical assistance to world level and financing besides more than 200 scholarships BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation). Besides the private donations, the funds are picked up through the sale of the products iconici of the Group (in Italy the involved brands are: Aveda, Bumble and Bumble, Clinique, Darphin, Estée Lauder, You Mer and Lab Series); but the Country BCA all over the world ago very more because every filial involved entertains initiatives to sensitize the awareness and to contribute to the harvest deep and it encourages to choose a historical monument of every Country to illuminate him/it of rose for the importance of the health of the breast to be remembered.

Besides, The Estée Lauder Companies hocks him to share contained educational and of inspiration on the socials middle and on the site inviting all to make to divulge him/it the message of prevention and information. As in 2015, The Estée Lauder Companies Italia is beside AIRC, Italian Association for the Search on the Cancer, that from over 50 years it sustains the Italian researchers financing the best projects of oncological research to make the curable crab more and more.

Only in the last 20 years the search has gotten some very important results within the prevention, of the diagnosis and of the care of the breast cancer, bringing the survival to five from the diagnosis to have grown since 78 to the 85 ,5 percent. An important finishing line, but still away from 100%, especially in consideration of the fact that every year in Italy 50 thousand women are stricken from tumor to the breast. (Source: AIOM and AIRTUM, The numbers of the crab in Italy 2016).

Numbers and data that make of this area a priority for the Italian association for the Search on the Cancer that in the solo 2016 have run over in this specific circle over 9 million and 500 thousand European to finance 85 projects and 16 scholarships. Italian godmother of the Country BCA 2016 are Miriam Leone, actress and conductor that you/he/she has conquered the great public, from the early-morning container of Raiuno to his/her most recent interpretations in "1992" and "You veiled dame." From the 2008 Miriam it is ambassadress AIRC: "When I was away to the high school a tumor the mother of my best friend you/he/she has brought. A fantastic woman, that I knew since child. I have thought that it was not correct and that I would have wanted to do something. Miriam Leone remembers -. For this from many years they are beside the Italian association for the Search on the Cancer and of his 5.000 researchers. And today I am particularly proud to be Italian godmother of the country Breast Cancer Awareness of The Estée Lauder Companies, universal symbol of the struggle against the tumor to the breast, that from last year in our Country AIRC sustains. I want to remember to all the women that every action counts, that all of us can make our part to defeat this illness. We make the recommended examinations because the precocious diagnosis is fundamental to make the tumor to the curable breast more and more."

As by now it is custom, The Group Estée Lauder in Italy also this year goes out in the open with its products iconici that, to sustain AIRC, will devolve € 5,00 for every product sold in the month of October.

The Beauty Brand protagonists for the edition 2016 are:

  • AVEDA - BCA Hand Relief with Beautifying Aroma: cream for the hands, incredibly rich, it the dry skin and chapped helping to reduce the signs of the aging and giving the maximum relief. Limited edition for the country Ribbon Rosa with new aroma of Beautifying.
  • BUMBLE & BUMBLE - Pret-à-Powder with pink cork in limited: a pinch of dust can make a magìa. To support of the month for the Struggle against the Tumor to the Breast and of the country Breast Cancer Awareness, Bumble and bumble has decorated its dust Prêt-à-powder with a pink cork proposing her/it in a limited edition. Functional Mix among dry shampoo, fixer and volumizzante contained in a pinch of product, Prêt-à-powder it is the formula preferred by the Editorial Stylist of Bb and by the world of the fashion. It is enough to vaporize the product on the roots of the hair to create instant volume and to renew the hair-style of the day prolonging the estate of it before. Ideal for all the types of hair and texture.
  • CLINIQUE - Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+: a lotion perfect riequilibrante for every type of skin, that hydrated and it helps to preserve the cutaneous barrier leaving the soft skin, elastic and perfectly ready for the specific treatment or directly for the makeup.
  • DARPHIN - Intral Redness Relief Soothing Serum: lenitive serum anti blush, that helps to attenuate the feeling of irritated skin. Thanks to the Calm Complex., composed by Camomile, Peony and Hawthorn, it smooths and it the skin of the face making her/it expanse and homogeneous. Estée Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II: Advanced Night Repair, our serum repairer n. 1, can have been being used for every woman, every day, morning and evening. Thanks to his/her action that exalts the natural cutaneous ability of auto-rinnovarsi during the night, Advanced Night Repair helps to reveal a smooth skin, radiant and from the youngest aspect. Used in the daytime, it helps to protect the skin of the face from the external aggressions and to maintain her/it giving her tonicity and freshness.
  • LAB SERIES Skincare For Men - AGE RESCUE + Torch Lotion: moisturizing lotion for the face with Ginseng encapsulated that he/she fights the signs of the time; it mends, he/she renews and it brings energy. The skin appears smoother, the least visible signs of the time, the youngest aspect.
  • The MER - The Lip Balm: moisturizing that calms the lips to the contact, while it is acting for regenerating, to protect and to also assuage the driest lips.

Altogether to fight against the Breast Cancer - #bcastrength #NastroRosaAIRC