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Cosmetic in pucceria

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We are in Leverano, in the province of Lecce, where the first pucceria salentina to km zero, Casa Birrozza (Birrozza House), next 26 June will be inaugurated to her times 20, in the street Fontana n. 58. Here the organic cosmetic line La toccasana salentina of the holder and agronomist Carlo Paladini, rigorously apulian oilve oil and aloe vera based, is sold with the typical food "puccia", to the handicraft beer BIRROZZA and to so many other local goodness.

The cosmetic and agri-food products of the firm of family, Lu Sciarabbà, unite the apulian  tradition and the oil of olive it, and manifests itself in various forms. Everything to be discovered and to admire is the "regard of welcome": an unusual cartel of the artist salentino Leonardo Tondo, that reproduces the map of the historical center in which House is situated.

Birrozza using ceramics enameled of the same tonality of yellow of the logo BIRROZZA. Crossed the threshold of entry, it bathes us in a precious architecture of light, on purpose realized by the historical firm MarianoLight. It begins the trip in the tradition. The historians cement salentine of it, you uses ago in the local residences up to a few decades, they dress again the walls, while the great shelf of support is composed from flatcars of olive tree you post on ancient beaten irons, to form of lira, belonged to the structure of the bed of the grandmother of Charles.

Material of recovery also for the frontal counter, built with old carpentry woods painted of white, and for the door of access to the services of the years '70. It is pleasant to imagine the phases of preparation of the pucces salentine, you realize both with traditional (hard wheat and bran) flours is alternative (burnt wheat, Senator Cappelli, curcuma, algae), highly digestible for the least lievitazione of 72 hours and you stuff to the moment. They strike some prelibatezzes used for the farcitura as the meat and the octopus to the pignata cooked to the "tuttu paru", the capocollo of Martina Franca Presidio Slow Food, the bombette of Martina Franca, the tops of turnip "nfucate", the faves with chicories and the tomatoes "scattariciati."

Recovery and exploitation of the local tradition also for the alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks: from the BIRROZZA to the beers gluten free, from the base cocktail of beer to those to base of the sweet dessert liqueur Lu Sciarabbà flowers of Baroque, actually to the famous gazzosa salentina.

The place is besides the only one to Leverano in which it is possible to sip a good coffee, rigorously Fourth grade, prepared with the moka. And before leaving, it doesn't stay whether to purchase a product... food or cosmetic.

Some a long time ago, on the occasion of the initiative of entitled social responsibility BIRROZZA has served, Carlo Paladini declared: "Us lovers of the BIRROZZA we often look at the world to upside-down, we repudiate preconceived, we are nonconformist. We like to try and to continually experiment new things, leaving space to that juvenile creativeness that gives liberty to every human being."

That has been of good wish for Casa Birrozza? Discover it, every day from the 18 at 24 (closed on Mondays).