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Free From Hub debuts at SANA

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Free From Hub was born from the know-how and experience of BolognaFiere and Bos, a series of events dedicated to business free from within the main international exhibition platforms of BolognaFiere. Free From Hub will officially debut on the occasion of the 32nd edition of SANA , the international organic and natural exhibition which will be held at BolognaFiere from 3 to 6 September 2020.

The organic and natural products market is one that knows no crisis and the free from sector accompanies and supports the growth of the sector, not only on an Italian level, but also internationally.

Bio and free from: a growing trend
According to GRS Global Industry Outlook Report 2019, in fact, as regards the most important trends in the food and beverage sector, we find the organic and free sector in first place from with 54.2% of the consents. Furthermore, GRS also took into consideration market opportunities, highlighting that 30.7% of food & beverage professionals believe that attention should be paid, in particular, to the growing demand for healthy preparations and natural ingredients that they are increasingly favored for consumption at home and away from home. As for the Italian situation, according to the BioBank 2019 report, free from is one of the dominant characteristics in the trends of organic products which represent a significant share of consumption both in terms of number of references (18.6% of the foods on the market) and value of sales (6.8 billion). In particular, it is the gluten and lactose-free products that drive sales in this segment, followed by those without soy, eggs, added sugar, salt, yeast, peanuts and palm oil.

Gluten free and lactose free drive the sales of a basket with 12,000 references
The universe of free from products is increasingly represented by offering consumers a basket that reaches almost 12,000 products (Source: OI Osservatorio Immagine Nielsen GSI Italy), with an incisive presence of bio free from. One in five Italians buy gluten-free and one in four lactose-free (Source: Eurispes), often regardless of established intolerances, even if the trend of intolerances is expanding. Celiac disease, for example, affects 1% of the population with an increase in the onset among younger people and has quintupled in the last 25 years; the Ministry of Health's annual report on celiac disease (January 2019) highlighted 206,561 diagnoses of celiac disease in Italy (145,759 females and 60,802 males) and celiac disease and lactose intolerance represent 26% and 66% compared to other types of food intolerance .

Free from: a global phenomenon
The diffusion of free from products is a global phenomenon: if their world market is worth a few tens and several hundred million euros, limiting their gaze to Europe notes that, in recent years, the business of these products has increased significantly. With regard to "gluten-free" (which together with "lactose-free" follow, in the European ranking, the products "palm oil" and "GMO-free"), the volume of business has grown by more than 35 percent and approximately 20 percent that of "lactose-free". Still on a European scale, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and France are the countries with the highest turnover ratios (Source: Euromonitor).

More is less: short label for healthy and ethical choices
More is less is the slogan that unites organic and natural products, this statement is even more truthful for free from products which, in addition to imposing the elimination of one or more ingredients, they are often characterized by the so-called clean label, a short label, with few and simple ingredients to respond to healthy but also ethical choices. The trend of the moment enhances organic products (therefore without the use of chemicals to protect the health of consumers of all ages), good, healthy and free from for a target of consumers extremely attentive to what they choose to buy and to put on the table.

An expanding market for the attention of producers and consumers
It is in order to respond to these buyers that more and more companies support traditional production, including free from products. A product category that has also entered fully into the DMO which is increasing its brand offer. Within the DMO, Bio-Eco lines account for 7.7% of MDD sales with an increase of 8 percentage points; a similar change is also recorded for the designation of origin lines and functional foods. In September 2019, sales in value of MDD's Bio-Eco products, which also include free from, represented a share of 819.6 million euros with a growth percentage, compared to September 2018, of 8.1 percent and 9.1 percent for the functional (Source: MarcabyBolognaFiere 2020 Observatory). Numbers that give the dimension of an expanding market to which they look, with increasing attention to producers and consumers.

Bio and free from: SANA the reference hub
With a view to knowing and deepening the themes dedicated to bio free from, SANA - the reference event for organic and natural products in Italy and between the first in Europe - it is certainly the ideal platform and the Free From Hub area within the event will give companies the opportunity to present the latest news, determine and condition future market trends as well as to meet national buyers and players and international. In addition to the large exhibition proposal that will include market news, also the part dedicated to events that will include show cooking, held by the sector's reference chefs and companies and a conference and speech program, created in collaboration with the leading experts, to get to know this sector up close and with the aim of decree SANA and Free From Hub as the only international trade fair event able to represent the sector. The layout of the event will allow easy identification of all the companies present at SANA 2020 with a free from proposal to facilitate the visit of the professional operators interested in these areas and to develop their business. Free From Hub was born with the intent to meet the needs of all market stakeholders and the appointment at SANA from 3 to 6 September 2020 is a unique opportunity to meet the leading companies in this segment and observe closely the free from Italian and international market.