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Organic cosmetic in Bio Bank opinion

In: Last news

Among the news of the Relationship Bio Bank 2016, devoted to the organic food, it detaches the census of three typologies of activity of the cosmetic market and cleaning products: the firms of cosmetic and cleaning that have chosen the voluntary certification to qualify their productions, the perfumeries specializzate and the sites of and ecommerce devoted.

In total, the activities censussed in 2015 are 539 in comparison to the 459 of the preceding year and to the 334 of the 2014. a positive sale to 17% two figures, due to the discrepancy among between the about seventy of stopped activity and the almost 150 that you/they have opened the leaves. "To 61% middle increase forehead, they detach nettamente the perfumeries, jumped by 49 to 153, with a growth to three figures equal to 212%. Notable also the development of the sites of and ecommerce dedicati to the biological and natural cosmetic, passed by 70 to 142, equal to 103%. In front of such numbers it seems modest her also 13 respectable growth% of the firms of cosmetic and detergenza."

The web becomes a channel of purchase privileged bio more and more, with its rapids comparison of the prices and the enormous assortment, but the consumers don't disdain the "to touch with hand" to personally receive all the attentions and the useful suggestions. You notices nevertheless prudence from the entrepreneurs in to invest in the certification volontaria in a sector without normative certainties. "Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Lazio drive the classification of the regions leader for number assoluto of activity in the 2015. in head to the classification for density for every milion of inhabitants we find before instead the Brands (9 points) in everybody and three the typologies of activity. Emilia-Romagna (4 points) and peer follow merito, in third position, Molise and Umbria that entrano all in classification but without records."

The specialized perfumeries in the organic and natural cosmetic, called bioprofumerie, they are developed beginning from halves the years 2000 and the growth you/he/she has been unstoppable, actually to the 2013 (year of the first census Bio Bank) boom of the. Before then, these products were sold in the I negotiate alimentary bio. "Thymiama, chain in franchising of bioprofumerie, departed before from Rome in 2009, you/he/she has put online more than winds of it, distribuite in about ten regions. While Bella Bio, departed from Romagna in 2010, of hand has passed in 2015, entering the orbit of the Milanese azienda Hps, with six perfumeries and a new insignia: Bella Bio EcoChic.

Interesting the territorial distribution with a discreet concentration to the north that counts 62 perfumeries equal to the 40% of the total one, follows surprising from the south with 50 equal perfumeries to a meaningful 33% and finally from the center with 41 activities, equal to 27% ". Plain Pian has also been positioned in the sites of and e-commerce devoted where the firms can show a vast range of products in ampleness and depth.

A symbolic case is that of Saicosatispalmi, the forum created from Barbaric Righini in 2005, that has given life to the virtual shop in 2006 and to follow to the physical shop in Pescara in the 2009. From 2013 to 2015 him and commerce of cosmetic and detergenza have passed by 70 to 142 with a 103% meaningful leap. The growth in 2015 has been equal to the 37% comparing to previous year.

58% of the societies owners of sites of and commodity of cosmetic and cleaning it has center to the north, over 23% to the center and 19% to the south."

For close examinations it is possible to consult online the Bio Bank 2016 Relationship.