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SANA 2017, not only food

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The appointment with SANA 2017, international Fair of the natural and organic world , has been being in the fair Bologna Fiere for Friday 8 to Monday 11 September 2017.

Besides the tents 25 and 26 and reserved to the sector organic Feeding, the visitors can visit the area for the Care of the natural body and bio the spaces of the paglionis 25 and 26, and for the Green Lifestyle the tent 16. The whole system of the to feed organic is in growth; in 2016 the sales in the specialized channel have recorded a + 15%, in the GDO straight a +20%, with positive trend also for the first months of the 2017: you increase him in the great distribution they keep on being to double figure, bringing to over 3% on the total one of the alimentary sales the quota of the organic (5 times in more in comparison to the 2000).

It is more and more contemporarily ample the ghost of families "user bio", grown only of 1,2 million unity in 2016, as photographed from the observatory it Cures 2017 taken care of by Nomisma and promoted by Bologna Fiere with the patronage of FederBio and Assobio. Scheduled next 8 September, the presentation of the observatory "All the numbers of the Italian bio" he/she will offer, this year, the data adjourned on the biological one with a close examination on the new trends in the Italian market and on the products devoted to the consumptions of vegetarian and vegani. The good state of health of the biological sector also mirrors him in the success of Healthy, that does him every greater year and diversified in the market offer, in the formative proposal and in the calendar of the events to the inside and the outside of the fair District.

The proposal to make unique the organic feeding area, historical heart of the demonstration, it will be the quality and the diversification of the offer that it will be composed of manufacturing and distributing firms of foods bio, corporate body of certification, institutions, manufacturing of equipments and products for the biological agriculture and the beekeeping, besides society of packaging and confezionamento of natural foods. Fresh foods and manufactured, produced milk-cheese and ice creams, base foods of meat and fish, oils, pasta, laughed, cereals, sweets and oven products, dietary foods, honey and preserves, wines and drinks and so much other to propose to the visitors the best of the Italian and international biological offer.

To also complete the offer of the event an important calendar of events to theme among which, does the already quoted Observatory Cure "All the numbers of the Italian Bio", the conference of opening "Which rule to strengthen the growth of the biological European?" organized by FederBio and the conference IFOAM "Biological 3.0: is some art and cases study of good practices in the Mediterranean." During the days of demonstration ICE - Agency for the promotion to the foreign countries and the internazionalization of the Italian enterprises will propose a series of meetings to make the point on the foreign markets of the biological one, while Assobio will hold the conference "Careful to that two.

The organic market in the specialized channel and in the gdo" focused on the Italian market. To these the numerous appointments will be added organized by the corporate body of certification and by the exhibiting firms. To the area reserved to the biological feeding the review espositiva of the section will place side by side him he/she Takes care of of the natural body and bio to the tents 21 and 22, while to the tent 16 will be present the realities of the compartment Green Lifestyle. This last sector will be presented to the public with new under-categories studied for differentiating to the best the different circles of the sustainable (Home&Office, Mom&Kids; Mobility; Clothing&Textiles; Pet&Garden; Hobby&Sport; Travel&Wellness) way of living; inside the segment takes care of of the natural body and bio the firms they will introduce natural treatments, officinali and by-products cried, produced dietary, integrators and special foods to natural base, produced, services, accessories and equipments for the care of the person.

They will also return to the Saloon some appointments become by now a classical, as Healthy Novelty, that will offer the possibility to discover the products with innovative characteristics signalled by the exhibitors to the public and to vote the really preferred one. To the first classified, one for every of the three categories of the demonstration, a prize will go offered by Biorfarm: "An adoption distance digitalis" of a fruit tree, taken care of by an agriculturist, that will send them the crop for one whole year. Also confirmed the calendar of meetings of professional updating of Healthy Academy, with the share of teachers, university researchers and of professionals of the sector.

Scheduled, among the others, the appointment on the oils essential in operation essays of their composition and the perspectives of use, the seminar on the evolution of the intestinal microbiota in relationship to his/her interaction with the nutrition, from the conception to the old age and a session of meetings on the fitoterapia in circle veterinarian and in relationship to the different phases of the female life.To the moments of close examination organized inside the fair District the numerous other initiatives of the demonstration they will be added: Healthy Shop, where the visitors can directly purchase the products of the exhibiting firms; Healthy City with 10 days of appointments green, managed in collaboration with Echo-Bio Confesercenti, and Healthy Day with all the initiatives in city it promoted together with Confcommercio-Ascom Bologna and the VeganFest, the event of reference in Italy for the world vegan, organized in collaboration with VEGANOK.

Organized by BolognaFiere, Healthy it is the only demonstration of reference in Italy for the sectors of the biological one and the natural one with over 800 exhibitors and more than 47.000 visitors. Scheduled from the 8 to September 11 th 2017 in the fair District in Bologna, Healthy it is marketplace and occasion of networking for the professionals, the operators and the interested people to the compartment, over that important formative and cultural moment, thanks to the qualified program of conferences and edited by workshop BolognaFiere, of the firms and of the institutions and associations of category. Healthy Novelties are to complete the offer, the space that the Fair dedication to the innovation, Healthy SHOP, the area reserved to the test and to the purchase of products and services, but also Healthy ACADEMY with the professional conferences, the observatory Cures for the updating of the data on the biological one and the calendar of appointments "off" that every year animates roads and shops of the chief town felsineo.