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SANA 2018: organic is trending

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The more than 950 proposals signalled by the present exhibiting firms to SANA 2018 show that to speak of the organic and natural sector they are not only the numbers of the market. They grow, besides the sales, also the variety and the wealth of the offer - the ingredients and the formulations amble for foods and cosmetic, the packaging turns him into ecological key, solutions and new functionality are proposed for a sustainable quotidianità more and more.

They make tendency the lines for the most sensitive skins, not only in circle beauty, but also in the products for the cleaning of the house. They increase in fact the detergents that, also effective in the action, they reduce the irritating potential of the tensioattivis, also of those of natural origin. They grow the products in dust to wash dishes and garments: practical and biodegradable, they make to save water without leaving on the dish or on the laundry residual.

To SANA they also find space pots and vaporiere realized with material sustainable and to guardianship of the health, over and to different ideas to fight the stress and to increase the perceived comfort. You give "sock of the comfort" realized with material anti-bacterial and anti-irritating to the footwears cruelty-free in cork, from the projected pillows to transform in ergonomic every available chair, passing for the pocket inalatore of natural aromas and for the manual devoted to a style of meditation to the course of everybody.

In field to feed they make him notice the vegan proposals that the kitchen rigorously emulates emiliana as the vegetable meat sauce of soy and seitan or the tortellinis in version veg. To try the pulp of the fruit of Baobab and the juice from carrots violet, the I crush of white ceci or of peas bio, the base snack of hemp seeds and pumpkin. Rice's gallettes they renew thanks to the addition of the precious alga wakame and the chewingums become "echo-lover" with the rubber 100% natural to the taste you yield of wood and xilitolo.

The proposals on the front wellbeings respond to the demands of all the types of woman: from the shampoo-balm without foam with oil of sweet almonds, citrus fruit and fiordaliso, to quickly take him care of his/her own hair, to the I rinse acid to the pink geranium for the one who doesn't abdicate to eliminate impurity and residues of limestone after the normal washing. Among the novelties 2018 also the base eye-liner of sage and oil of argan, the regenerating elixir for the eyelids with elicrisio, sour ialuronico and red grapevine and the universal bases echo-bio for a make-up 100% disposition.

Absolute record for SANA Novelty, whose prize has been the crop of one year of a biological tree, offered by Biorfarm.

Feeding biological Ginger dehydrated without sugars assistant and spicy with mixed wood - Agricultural Firm Loves Yourself Ama te stesso
The ginger dehydrated without assistant sugars is a handicraft product turned into Italy. For its realization and sweetening has been alone used the juice of grape and has been spicy with dusts natural micronizzate. It is totally natural, deprived of preservatives, dyes and thickening. The ownerships of the ginger are unchanged thanks to the method of maintenance or the dehydration to cold.

Care of the natural body and bio Fior of Salt pan - L'Erbolario
A line of treatment for the body that unites the cosmetic ownerships of the sea Salt to those of the plants typical of the Mediterranean stain, the Lentisco, the Sampan and the Corbezzolo. Four products, Perfume, OleoScrub, Bagnoschiuma and Cream for the Body, to live a total immersion in the comfort and to rediscover a smoothed skin, setosa and soft. An aquatic fragrance and agrumata, a fizzy hymn to the signs of the Mediterranean.

Green lifestyle Mercur Dyn - Agri.Bio.Piemonte
The Mercur Dyn is a dinamizzatore mercuriale to pedals, that the messages of the cosmic forms bring in the Earth, that makes to marry the celestial forms and the terrestrial substances thanks to a simple movement and managed by two pedals that the vision of the formation of the complete and deep vortex crosses they reverse with a simple mechanism the sense of rotation. Dinamizzare is possible from 20 to 250 liters.

Also the bloggers of demonstration have announced the names of the winning products of the prize today #BloggerForSana. Biological feeding Michela Dessì of Cr_eative and Julia Giunta of You My Vegetable Kitchen you/they have chosen the Flour for polenta of rice Vialone Nano Biological seed-integral of the firm Agricultural Martin Roberta. The polenta has a delicate and creamy taste; it is not precotta and it cooks in 10 minutes. It deals with a new product, that has as an only ingredient the rice Vialone Dwarf IGP: proper for the intolerant people to the gluten, it represents an alternative for all to the classical polenta of corn. Care of the natural body and bio Helen Rossi of Vanity Space and Valentina Romani of The life of to bee has directed their preference on New Age Filler of Alkemilla, an innovative product for its formulation and that it is lent to satisfy a very actual demand for the female public: that to be able to use a natural primer that guarantees an effect instant lifting. Green lifestyle Raffaella Case of Babygreen and Selene Cassetta of Sustainable Trip for the Green lifestyle has rewarded Life Energy Mat of Siqur Salute: an innovative rug geobionomico, in degree to embank the impact of tensions and artificial tides transmitted by the environment, that reduces the stress and it increases the general comfort. It is in fact enough to come into contact with the Life Energy Mat to reduce the levels of bodily electric tension of over 90%.