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SANA: the best of organic at Bologna trade

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Few days to the 29°edizione opening of SANA, the international trade of the organic and natural world organized by BolognaFiere: firms, operating, corporate body, associations, buyer and public will meet him near the fair District in Bologna to visit the demonstration of reference for the sector, from Friday 8 up to Monday 11 September. 

Natural and organic market represents an economic sector in constant growth, expression of the cultural change of a style of responsible life more and more towards the person and of the environment, of an aware consumer and directed to choose for itself and for his/her own family produced of quality and solutions to guardianship of the comfort.

The Market Sectors
A growth that reflects him on the new layout of the demonstration, ampler and functional: they climb in fact to three (25, 26 and 32) the tents devoted to the sector of the biological feeding, that you/they entertain manufacturing firms of biological foods, fresh and manufactured, first subjects, firms of packaging and corporate body of certification, offering the best of the national and international production of the sector. The tents 21 and 22 are those reserved to the rich sector of the Care of the natural body and organic more and more, where the operators can meet the most complete proposal of alimentary integrators, cosmetic biological and natural, treatments for the body and plants officinali. (to rearrange "in Italian") 2017 Novelty, the reorganization of the area Green Lifestyle. With his widened market selection entertained to the tent 16, the third sector of Healthy it is composed of six under-categories: Home&Office with solutions green for the house and the environment of job; Mom&Kids with ecological and natural products for the growth, the game and newborns' care, children and mothers; Clothing&Textiles with suits, footwears and accessories echo-friendly; Pet&Garden with products and natural services and ecocompatibili for the care of pets, gardens and balconies; Hobby&Sport with solutions for the leisure time, the sport and the pastime in key green and Travel&Wellness with offers of trip, stay and treatments for the comfort psicofisico and the remise en forms to the insignia of the citizenship and the attention to the environment. "We are proud of the run of Healthy. Anthony Bruzzone declares, General Manager BolognaFiere. and of the good comparison in terms of presences espositive, 920 the present firms with an increase of the 10 percent in comparison to 2016 and a meaningful presence of foreign exhibitors, also the surface espositiva records a more 13 percent in comparison to the preceding edition. To the 29a edition the demonstration well it represents a deep change in the styles of life that he/she sees producers and careful consumers to the environmental themes and the sustainability more and more. The sector of the biological one and the disposition is an important economic badminton for our Country, in which it already excels and that he/she still offers still ample possibilities of growth. Through Healthy. Bruzzone continues. BolognaFiere, also with the contribution of FederBio, our partner, wants to give support and new opportunities of business to the operators, often young people, that intend to consolidate or to begin new entrepreneurial runs."

The Cut Of the Ribbon and the Inaugural Conference
The inauguration of the Saloon it is anticipated Friday 8 September to her times 10.30 to the Center Services to the presence of the Deputy Minister of the agricultural, alimentary and forest politics, Andrew Olivero, of Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere, and of the local authorities. Scheduled for the hours 11.00, always Friday 8, the conference of opening "Which rule to strengthen the growth of the organic European?", organized by BolognaFiere and FederBio. Besides the regards of the President Gianpiero Calzolari, the interventions of Paul De are anticipated Castro, Vice-president of the Committee Agricoltura and Rural Development of the European Parliament: Fiona Marty, Responsible European Business FNAB - Fédération Nationale of Agriculture Biologique (France); Antje Kölling, Person responsible Political and you Report External Demeter (Germany); Miriam Van Bree, Person responsible Political of Common Interest and Department Knowledge Projects, Bionext (Holland); Eduardo Cuoco, Manager IFOAM EU; Roberto Zanoni, President AssoBio, Italy; Paul Carnemolla, President FederBio, Italy; Maria Teresa Bertuzzi, Chairman DDL biological agriculture to the Senate of the Republic. The conclusions of the conference are submitted to Deputy-minister Andrew Olivero.

The observatory SANA 2017
In the Room Notturno the close examination on the system biological agroalimentare continuous with the conference "All the numbers of the Italian bio", with the presentation of the data of the observatory it Cures 2017, promoted and financed by BolognaFiere with the patronage of Federbio and Assobio and realized by Nomisma. Focus of this edition, the organic one in the context of the products to completely vegetable base. The meeting also foresees the presentation of the data on operators and agricultural surfaces bio on the Italian territory noticed by SINAB - System of National information on the Biological agriculture of the Office of the agricultural, alimentary and forest politics and ISMEA - Institute of Services for the food Agricultural Market.

The Thematic Areas
Healthy it develops him in different thematic areas and in as many initiatives: Healthy Academy, Healthy Novelty, Healthy Shop, Healthy City, Healthy Day and the VeganFest. Healthy Academy articulates in a calendar of four appointments, turns the operators of the sector and held by teachers, university researchers and professionals of the compartment, that deal him with essential oils in this edition, examined in composition base and applications, of evolution and interaction with the feeding of the intestinal microbiota from the conception to the old age, of nutrition and comfort in the various ages of the life of the woman and the applications of the fitoderivatis in circle veterinarian. Inevitable the appointment with Healthy Novelty, the exposure of the innovations proposed by the present firms in fair among those launched in the last year, prepared in the Center Services of the fair District. The number record for the references in show, over 700, among which the visitors of Healthy they have called to vote the really preferred product, one for every market category of the Saloon. A special prize is assigned besides by the official bloggers of the demonstration in the category #BloggerForSana. Appointment with the ceremony of awarding Sunday 10 September to her times 16.00 in the plaza covered with the Center Services. They complete the program of the demonstration: the proposals of Healthy Shop (tent 16) where the visitors can directly purchase foods bio, natural and organic cosmetic, integrating and so many other natural products; the 10 days of appointments green of Healthy City, from the 8 to September 17, organized in collaboration with Echo-Bio Confesercenti; the initiatives of Healthy DAY, Saturday September 9 th, promoted in collaboration with Confcommercio-Ascom Bologna; and the VeganFest, the principal Italian event devoted vegan to the world, organized together with VEGANOK.

Fundamental for the success of the Saloon they are the numerous partnerships activated by BolognaFiere, to start from the strategic collaboration with FederBio and continuing the contribution of Cosmetics Italy, the patronages of the Office of the environment and the Guardianship of the Territory and the Sea and the MIPAAF - Office of the agricultural, alimentary and forest politics, the support of IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements and of ICE. Agency for the promotion to the foreign countries and the internazionalization of the enterprises and the support of the local institutions as the Region Emilia-Romagna.

A success that it doesn't miss to recall attention from over border, with upcoming international buyer from 30 Countries (+11% in comparison to the 2016): Albania, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Korea of the south, Croazia, Denmark, Arabic Emirates, Germany, Japan, England, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Holland, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Czech Republic, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sudafrica, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hungary and Usa. A meaningful presence, made possible graces to the International Buyer Program, the program of incoming organized in collaboration with ICE. Agency for the promotion to the foreign countries and the internazionalization of the Italian enterprises and FederBio. In notebook 2.500 meetings b2b that for the exhibitors they represent a concrete opportunity to meet, in a lounge devoted to the tent 32, the vast stage of specialized interlocutors in the biological and natural sector. In the same tent, near the International rooms, are anticipated also the presentations of market of Korea Croazia, Iran, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and Hungary.