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The Cerignola Olive from art to cosmetic

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Great ferment for You La più Bella sei tu, the 1° National Festival of the olive from scheduled table to Cerignola from 20 to October 22, 2017.

To precede the official inauguration of the event - promoted by the Common of Cerignola, realized in collaboration with the association Di terra di mare, Red Hot - impresa creativa, Adventa, ItaliaLab, Cerignola Produce - agenzia comunale per lo Sviluppo del Territorio and The Agorà, with the special share of the Consortium of guardianship of the table olive Dop La Bella of the Daunia - Variety Bella of Cerignola, with the patronage of Region Puglia and Symbola. It will be the documentary show “…cinta d’uliva donna m’apparve…” edited by Giovanni Rinaldi.

The exposure, of whose title recalls Dante Alighieri (Divine Comedy, II, XXX, 28 -33), develops a popular, historical and narrative run, through the centuries and the territories and it tells the history of the olive tree, olive and oil, spacing in the arts and in the literature. Images and sketches, from the ancient vascular paintings to the works of the great artists, up to the contemporary photo. Quotations, histories and poetic verses from the ancient literature up to the today, that document the so many practical and symbolic facets of this marvelous agricultural product.

"How much cried had so many attentions since the antiquity?", the administrator Giovanni Rinaldi wonders, that explains: "the olive tree is present in the symbology and in the myths since the prehistory, besides being emblem of peace today, strength, faith, triumph, victory, honor." Rinaldi adds: "I have tried to weave the poetic verse, the narrative fragment, the iconographic, artistic and photographic representation, to give life to a choral representation that tells as the history of the olive tree sinks its own roots in the history of the humanity, it weaves him with the religions, the mythology and the popular histories."

The show will be inaugurated Thursday 19 October to her times 18.00 near Palazzo Officine Fornari, in presence of the administrator Giovanni Rinaldi, of the sociologist Marcello Colopi and of the alderman to the Culture of the Common of Cerignola Raffaella Petruzzelli.

“…cinta d’uliva donna m’apparve…” will free be visitable up to Sunday 29 October (from her 10.00 to the 12.00 and from her 17.00 to the 23.00), in the occasion it will be possible to also visit the Pole Museale (for info to contact: 338 9061783 - 388 9304884).

La più Bella sei tu will start Friday 20 October with the cut of the ribbon of the olive little market and the institutional regards of the Mayor of Cerignola Franco Metta, scheduled to the hours 18.00 in Plaza Matteotti.

During the three days departing from Plaza Matteotti and crossing Avenue Roosevelt will be possible to discover the excellences of the territory tied to the "Bella", from the gastronomy to the craftsmanship, from the cosmetic to the fashion. They will be forty the cottages it divided among food, wine and artisans. There will be the producers of the Bella of the Daunia but also of the ascolanas olives, won't miss sandwiches, flat gourmet and produced by base oven of olives. Over thirty they will be the wine cellars coming from the whole Puglia, divided in ten stands. And then objects, plotted, jewels, creations in ceramics and cosmetic products inspired to her Bella Olive.

Always in the day of Friday they will depart, in Plaza Matteotti, also the activities devoted to great and small. For these last ones to the 19.00 there will be L’Oliva in fabula, letture animate, edited by animate readings the associations To.GE Cerignola onlus, ORSA onlus and WE Make. Two gastronomic laboratories for the adults: to the 21.00 the world of the edited by Bella the journalist Rai Carlo Cambi and to the 22.00 L’Oliva abbraccia i taralli with the baker Michele Cellamaro