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The Daunia olive on tour in Cerignola

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Almost there to the first edition of the event La più Bella sei tu, the 1° National Festival of the olive from scheduled table to Cerignola from 20 to October 22 2017. Introduced today on the occasion of Agrilevante near the Fair of the East in Bari, an occasion of raising of the territory it is preannounced through one of its excellence, the olive called La bella della Daunia’ (The beautiful of the Daunia). Olive from which is drawn the precious green gold that reaches that cosmetic as allied jewel of beauty from the gastronomic sector.

To open the promotional video of the event, interpreted by the young Camilla: a small actress that, as Pollicino, leaves here and there the olive ‘La bella della Daunia' for the lanes of Cerignola, to the discovery of unbelievable foreshortenings and monuments. "Apart the bond with an earth that I feel mine, we are developing an activity in tuning with the regional territorial marketing and the promotion of the local products - Leo Di Gioia has affirmed, alderman to the agriculture of the Apulia Region -. The tourists appreciate the Apulian gastronomy and so the match between this last and the territory is fundamental tool to recall the identity of the places, also whereas the tourist flow is not present during the whole year. Agriculture is a primary sector that we must turn into winning asset, to tell a beautiful reality through a product that it becomes emblem of it absolute".

The Mayor of Cerignola Franco Metta, that has felt and appreciated the proximity of the Apulia Region, has defined him "a city moment of redemption." Vincenzo Specchio, delegated town adviser to the Productive Activities, has underlined therefore that "Cerignola is prepared to become a "pole of attraction of any excellence, a new run of exploitation and attraction for every type of experience both agroalimentary and cultural".

La più bella sei tu is a format that unites culture, enogastronomia and tourism, conceived and organized by Ester Fracasso and Maria Pia Liguori. "Among the testimonials they will be present Carlo Cambi, authoritative signature of the journalism enogastronomico and Nazzareno Migliori, patron of Migliori Olive - Olive ascolane of the Piceno Dop. Big space not only to the producers with the Market of the olive, but also to gastronomic laboratories, conferences and shows. Finally an artistic gangway taken care of by the boys of the school of Cerignola among olives, olive trees and materials of harvest", Ester Fracasso has told introducing the program of the demonstration.

"They will be three days to intensely live for road with the whole territory, from the B&Bs to the restaurants, actually to the pole museale" Maria Pia Liguori has underlined, that Mimmo Tomacelli has thanked, author of the image of the woman that represents ,La più Bella sei tu.'

The inauguration of the show will be to precede the event ‘Cinta d’uliva donna m’apparve’ edited by Giovanni Rinaldi - scheduled Thursdays 19 October to her times 18.00 near Building Shops Fornari - that it develops a popular, historical and narrative run, through the centuries and the territories and it tells the history of the olive tree, olive and oil, spacing in the arts and in the literature. "Because the history needs to tell it, not only do it" Rinaldi has concluded.

At the end of the presentation, the tasting de the Bella of edited by Cerignola the Laboratory of Legality 'Franco Marcone', well forfeited to the mafia and had managed since 2010 by the Social Cooperative 'Pietra di Scarto' of Cerignola. "We are honorable to be the product symbol with which this event is introduced. We are a Net, a Movement that distributes hundreds olives of firms, that we could also define "Monument of civil resistance"", Pietro Fragasso has said, president of the Cooperative.

From 20 to October 22 La più Bella sei tu’ will animate the plazas and the roads of Cerignola creating occasions of meeting, comparison and knowledge. It places Matteotti and avenue Roosevelt they will entertain the Market of the olive that Friday will be inaugurated 20 October to her times 18.00 in presence of the authorities and it will space from the craftsmanship to the base cosmetic of oil of olive, from the jewels to the ceramics actually to the suits to theme. So many the scheduled laboratories, turned to great and tiny. For these last ones there will be animate readings, presentations of books and edited by creative laboratories the associations To.GE Cerignola onlus, Orsa onlus, WE Make, S.Or.S. Cerignola and in collaboration with the bookstore L’Albero dei Fichi.

For the adults there will be different edited by gastronomic laboratories the journalist Carlo Cambi, of the bakers Michele Cellamaro and Pascal Barbato, of the ladies of the city. Also the students will have involved in the demonstration. To them the workshop is devoted 'In name of the olive, potentiality and development' that Saturday will be held 21 October in the classroom consiliare of the Common of Cerignola and will see the share of illustrious chairmen. The artistic gangway that he/she will close the event the evening of Sunday 22 October will be edited by the boys of the Artistic High school 'Sacred Heart' of Cerignola together with Carla Ladogana.

During the three days, besides, a press they are anticipated tour in different oliv-growong firms and driven visits to the complex of Tower Alemanna. Meanwhile, the appointment of this evening is with 'The chefs meet the Bella' scheduled this evening in the four most accredited restaurants of Cerignola, to begin to taste the atmosphere of ‘La più bella sei tu’.