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The King Truffle and the well-being from India

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With the autumn the greediest season returns in the hills of the Langhes, as much as the desire relights him to relax in a spa, among cosmetic treatments and you massage with essential and aromatic oils.

Among the innumerable Italian structures that are lent to the objective "relax and comfort" there is the Boscareto Resort & Spa of Serralunga d'ALba (Cuneo), that has conceived for his/her guests a stay incentrato on the senses: the luxury of one of the marvelous Gold Suite; a menu tasting all incentrato on the hypocrite and a session of treatments of the Indian tradition in the Aveda Destination Spa, for riequilibrare spirit and body.

"The mission of Aveda, is to take he/she takes care of him of the world in which we live, of the products that we create and of the way according to which we return them to the society. In Aveda we strive there to be not only an example of the environmental respect in the circle cosmetics but in the whole world" Horst M has declared. Rechalbacher, founder Aveda.

For the most impassioned walkers, The Boscareto Resort & Spa is also the point of departure for a driven naturalistic trekking along the paths of hill, among the amazing colors of the rows by now free from the clusters.

The detail of the treatments comfort

• Shirodara, treatment ayurvedico that consists in a casting of oil to bodily temperature on 6°Chakra (or third eye) with a regular and constant flow. The oil together with the manualitàs of the Indian massage to the head conducts to a deep relaxation. Ideal to reduce the stress to improve the concentration and the autostima.

• The Indian head massage is an Indian massage of the head that combines digitopressioni, ungluings and champissage, in degree to stretch the tensions of the trapeze, of the neck, of the head, riossigenare the skin of the face and to relieve the mind. Particularly suitable for the smokers, for the one who suffers from migraine and sinusitis.

• The plantar reflexologhy is a technique of massage on points specific reflexes of the foot that use a deep digitopressione. Ideal to reestablish the energetic equilibrium of the body. Ingredients, organic principles and essences gotten in the respect of the nature, following rules ecosostenibili: this is the principle of Aveda that a double is set objective olistico and cosmetic to take not only takes care of him of the beauty but also of the harmony psico-physics of the guests.

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